Kim Heindel Music  Instruments

9-rank tracker organ built by J.W. Walker in Suffolk, England in 1994

Manual I:  8' Chimney Flute, 4' Principal, 2' Octave, II Mixture
Manual II: 
8' Stopped Flute, 4' Nason Flute, 2' Flageolet
16' Bourdon, 8' Bass Flute

9 rank J W Walker pipe organ

Double-manual Lautenwerk built by Willard Martin in 2000

The unique sound of this instrument is produced by a combination  of gut and nylon strings, and the design is based on detailed eighteenth-century German descriptions of the Lautenwerk.

Lautenwerk or lute harpsichord

Double-manual Saxon harpsichord built by Willard Martin in 1998

The design of this harpsichord is based on the instruments built in mid-eighteenth-century Saxony during Bach's lifetime.  It is brass strung and has three choirs of strings, 2 x 8', 1 x 4', as well as a buff stop.

Harpsichord keyboard and soundboard

1906 Steinway, Model B - recital grand

This instrument was fully restored in 2000 by Cunningham Piano Company in Philadelphia, experts in the restoration of Steinway pianos.

Cunningham Steinway piano