Kim Heindel Music  Organ lessons - Harpsichord lessons

The benefits of organ and harpsichord study:

Through organ and harpsichord lessons, my students should expect to see an improvement in their technique and fluency at the instrument, as well as an increased understanding of the music being studied.  In addition to this, I will present the student with the context of the music and its composer within music history.

Please note the following prerequisites for organ or harpsichord lessons:

1.  At least three years of piano study, and the ability to perform a two or three part Invention by J.S. Bach, as well as another piece of the student's choosing.

2.  Access to an instrument for practicing, either in the home or at a church or school, where permission has been attained for use of the instrument.

The fee for a one-hour lesson is $50.  It can take place either in my studio or at another location of the student's choosing, such as a church.

Kim Heindel teaching organ 

Teaching philosophy:

"I believe teaching music is about guiding students along a path toward finding their own style -- their own manner of expressing their musicality.  A teacher must be able to provide the tools, both technically and musically, which will allow students to explore their own creativity.

A music teacher must also possess the resources to help a student approach a technical problem in a new or alternative way, and to offer musical insights and possibilities not previously considered by the student.

With forty years of experience, I have learned how to fulfill these needs for my students.

I have worked wtih students at all levels and I've learned the importance of being able to meet students at their current level, as well as provide the means for them to develop their abilities from there.

~Kim Heindel